Whether you stem from a DIY gene pool or feel like have two left hands to deal with, we are here for you to bring you easy-to-learn crafting ideas and inspire you to think outside of the box with each challenge you take.


Decoration, renovation, and building things from scratch is a fulfilling experience, one which will teach you to be self-sufficient and proud of your skills. We believe everyone is capable of becoming a DIY success story with a little outside help and motivation. Do you feel you have got what it takes to refine those crafty hands and push yourself to get better with your intent and creativity? Join us on our journey and together we will bring ideas to life!

The modern world needs creative risk-takers, now more than ever. A lot of companies don’t really understand what innovation entails and would rather play it safe just to stay afloat on the market. However, life shouldn’t be a struggle to survive but to always keep pushing the envelope and reinventing oneself. That is why we at Paper & Scissors INC celebrate experimentation and strive to help those who take matters into their own hands!
The 21st century is the best time to become a “maker”. Resources are plentiful, communication has become seamless, and inspiration can be found with just a couple of online clicks. With just one year of practice, not only will a DIY mindset make you a formidable problem solver, but you will also learn to appreciate the process of creation and patience. And when you realize for the first time that you have genuinely succeeded in making something out of practically nothing - the feeling is so badass, you’re bound to chase it over and over again!

Here are the three rules we believe will help you find time to conceive and build your projects:

Identify what is hampering your productivity.
We live in busy times but that doesn’t mean we are spending that time productively. Lots of distractions and inefficiencies are happening both at home and work. It is best to write down how you plan to spend each day during the week in order to establish a workflow you can adhere to. Use technology to assist you in eliminating any productivity drains and set up a routine that will keep you occupied and focused
Reserve time for “whitespace projects”
Reserving time for play and experimentation will not only influence your happiness and exercise your curiosity and creative sense, but it will also keep you engaged and ready for new DIY challenges. If you have any co-conspirators you can contact, make it a fun team-building task where you can collaborate on a project together.
Take it one project at a time.
DIY projects can become tedious if you do not manage to finish what you have started. Why not create a board where you can have a visual representation of your crafting aspirations and progress. Divide it into three fundamental columns: Not Started, In Progress, and Done. Keep all your ideas on paper because you never know when a crucial detail might slip your mind. Remember, you can only work one thing at a time. Lay out all your tasks clearly in front of you, prioritize, and take it one step at a time.